How Does Foot Reflexology Affect Our Body?

Well, we know that in the feet there are emotions and foot reflexology, it is practically who is in charge of exploring those emotions, to the point of relaxing, since in the feet, also are points of tension, and with a manual massage, Everything can be experienced by the patient, as far as his feet. This consists of the manual massage for the stimulation of points in the plant of the feet.

This practice was born in China and Egypt, since the Egyptians had discovered that there were stimulation points in the soles of the feet, thus giving a sensation of relief to the patient, just as it was believed that in the hands of the same way, in the Palms of the hands, there are also some stimulation points that will possibly make you relieve any stress or sadness, since you will be being stimulated in your points of foot reflexology.Foot Reflexology benefits

And like all techniques, it has contraindications even when no drugs are being taken, it could have side effects, because we remember that we are managing the nervous system with stimulation of points on the sole of the foot.

What are the Benefits of Foot Reflexology for Our Body?

This therapy is performed on a naturist basis, since only hands and a good sense are used when massaging the stimulation points, giving it what is necessary to be a successful technique in the world of a good lifestyle. Foot reflexology should be performed by a person who understands and has studied it, since we could have many negative consequences when we want to relax, normally.

It brings you many reasons why you can use it, such as.

  • Reduces stress levels.
  • Soothe anxiety.
  • Improve your sleep quality.
  • The Immune System is activated.
  • Balances and stimulates different systems.

Recordamos que gracias al estrés aparecen miles de enfermedades adicionales, que nos harían llegar hasta la tumba, por el simple hecho de no habernos relajado a tiempo

It method called foot reflexology is only used in people who really have problems of stress and anxiety, because in the soles of the feet, the nerve points can be gently softened by Massage that stimulate our body leaving thus, a feeling of peace and harmony by our circulation, tension, among other things that can be caused, by the stress.

We remember that thanks to the stress they appear thousands of additional diseases, that would make us arrive until the tomb, by the simple fact of not having relaxed in time.

What are Contraindications of the Technique?

As any technique or process to relax, and / or change some aspect of our body, contains side effects, so people believe that no but there are side effects on anything that is beneficial to our body, remember that good and bad, Always accompanied. But in this case, there are no contraindications to the therapy, only prohibiting its application in people who are suffering or are about to suffer.

  • Severe and intense fevers.
  • Osteoporosis in feet or legs.
  • Ischemic Heart Disease.
  • Risk pregnancies.
  • Very serious infections in general.

That is why you must do the relevant studies before starting any technique or training, because if we are not prepared and informed enough, we will spend work, at the moment of wanting to relax.

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